Materials for taking fingerprints


To get the very best results for our jewellery you will need to supply us with clear prints. We cannot stress this enough. If you use a standard ink pad there will be chance that you will oversaturate the print and only capture a solid black mark.

We cannot extract a fingerprint from a smudged or solid black print so if you can’t see a fingerprint- neither will we. 
Please retake the print (using different fingers) until you have at least 2 clearly defined prints with visible lines and whorls.

1 Press finger against the surface of the pad. It is designed to not over saturate.
2 Do not roll the finger from side to side.
3 Reapply ink to retake each print, please take as many prints as possible.
4 The print should be clearly defined with a clearly visible fingerprint.

Kit contains a special fingerprint ink pad used by CSI, and cards for you to capture the prints on. The cards fold in half with our address on the back so that you can send them to us with free postage.

We'll need 1 "Making Days" to handcraft this gift for you. Click here to read more.
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Materials for taking fingerprints

Materials for taking fingerprints

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