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Ten Tiny Toes Hand & Footprint Impression Kit


This is our Hand/Footprint Impression Kit, perfect for capturing prints for our Ten Tiny Toes Range

So if you would like to take your impressions before placing a jewellery order now you can!

This impression kit will enable you to take as many prints as you can fit on a sheet of A4 Paper from one person.

Just order however many kits your would like & we'll send them to you. You can take your prints in the comfort of your own home and place an order using them later on, there is no rush.

We'll need 9 "Making Days" to handcraft this gift for you. Click here to read more.

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For Ten Tiny Toes Jewellery you will be sent a special wipe which captures your hand or footprints onto a sensitised paper. This method was developed for use in maternity hospitals in America, and is totally safe! Hand and footprints appear like magic on the paper, which you then send back to us.

The Ten Tiny Toes Impression packs includes an "inkless" wipe. The yellow wipe is completely harmless but we would always recommend washing skin after use and taking extra to avoid staining clothes

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Ten Tiny Toes Hand & Footprint Impression Kit

Ten Tiny Toes Hand & Footprint Impression Kit

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