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Rhodium Anti-tarnish Plating Service


Rhodium is an ultra-rare very expensive non-reactive precious metal, more precious than platinum. When silver is plated with white rhodium the silver cannot tarnish, fade, or corrode protecting it against chemicals and substances in our everyday lives that would usually turn silver black.

Rhodium anti-tarnish plating makes sterling silver more resistant to wear, whilst also creating a brighter finish. Plating of sterling silver with rhodium is achieved through a process called electroplating. 

If you would like your Morgan & French sterling silver jewellery rhodium plated, please select the type of jewellery you want us to apply it to in the drop down boxes below.

We'll need 3 "Making Days" to handcraft this gift for you. Click here to read more.

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Rhodium Anti-tarnish Plating Service

Rhodium Anti-tarnish Plating Service

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