frequently asked questions

What will the soundwave on my Soundwave ring look like?

Can I choose a different font or typeface for personalisation?

Do you make fingerprint rings?

I need my order to arrive quickly and by a certain date, what should I do?

What type of metals do you work in?

How much is your postage and packaging for UK orders?

Do you ship overseas?

How do I find out what is happening with my order?

How do I measure for a bracelet?

How do I measure for a ring?

What does hand-stamped mean?

How do I get an impression kit?

How old does my baby have to be for FingerPrint jewellery?

How will my child's print look in the finished jewellery?

I am undecided what to order as my baby's hands and fingers are so small?

Are you able to fit an adult’s fingerprint on a charm?

Can I have prints on both sides of a charm or pendant so that it is double-sided?

What's the difference between a pendant and a charm?

Can I have a name or date put on the back of a charm/pendant or cufflinks?

My son is a teenager, will his feet be too big for a Ten Tiny Toes charm?

Can I have a print from each of my 2 children on one Ten Tiny Toes charm?

Do I need to tell you which hand and footprints to use?

I lost my baby and I have a paper copy of her hand and footprints that the hospital gave me, would it be possible to make jewellery from these?

I have received my Ten Tiny Toes Impression kit and have my taken daughter's hand and footprints, could I scan and email the images over to you and keep the paper prints?

Will the Pandora-Style Charm fit any similar style bracelet?

I'm really pleased with my Fingerprint/Ten Tiny Toes jewellery, I would like to order something else, can I re-order using the same impressions or do I need to retake them?

I would like to order another fingerprint/hand/footprint charm to look identical in every way to the one you previously made for me, can I do this?

I have my Father's handwriting in a Birthday Card, could I have a few words captured on a necklace? It would mean so much to me.

I have placed an order but I would like a replacement impression kit?

I don't like what you've made, can I return it for a refund?

I would love a charm made of my pet's paw print, can you do this?

I would like to buy several Fingerprint/Ten Tiny Toes items as gifts for more than one recipient, do I need to place separate orders?

Do you really make your Fingerprint/Ten Tiny Toes jewellery by hand?