Taking prints…

Our frequently asked questions have to be to do with taking prints and how it works, we do have a quick guide online that gives you an example of our various ranges and how you take the prints, but we thought we’d detail it further below!

Firstly, we’ll go with our newest range, which is our FingerPrint Jewellery (Inked) – ordering is so easy with this and probably the quickest in getting a print and sending it back to us to create into jewellery… If you order from this, you don’t need a kit and you can take it in the comfort of your own home with an ink pad and paper, or by using a soft pencil, clear Sellotape and white paper. With the soft pencil method, you just need to rub your finger into a shaded area of pencil, carefully press your finger onto the sticky side of the Sellotape and slowly peel your finger from the tape to reveal your pencil fingerprint. Then, just stick the Sellotape onto the paper and repeat the process until you are happy with the result – below, is a picture of what the fingerprint should look like on the tape – what you see on the Sellotape is what you will have created on your jewellery so make sure you are happy with the result before sending it back to us!

The link below shows our FingerPrint Jewellery (Inked) range:


Next we have our Classic FingerPrint Jewellery – arguably still the most popular range we have and definitely the one that put us on the map for being the market leaders in high quality fingerprint jewellery. When you order something from our classic range, we’ll send you a very simple impression kit and with this, you just need to take the impressions and simply send them back in the free post envelope! These impression kits are very simple to use, with no mess or complicated instructions and each take around two minutes of your time to do. Of course, the putty is totally safe, medical grade, extremely soft to the touch and leaves absolutely no mess or residue. And if you are taking prints of your child and can’t get them to sit still, we’ve heard quite a few of our customers take the prints when they are asleep! Again, we have put a picture below of a good impression in the putty – not all of these will look like this and sometimes we can work with impressions that you may think don’t look as good! We’ll give you enough putty to try at least twice, so at least you have a couple of tries! The tip is to make sure that you mix the blue and white putty together well – it needs to be mixed so you cannot see any mix of lines – as long as you do this, we’re sure it’ll work great for you!

The link below shows our Classic FingerPrint Jewellery range:


For our Ten Tiny Toes Jewellery this range was designed to capture the precious little feet or hands of a little one, keeping a little piece of them with you wherever you go. For these, once you have ordered, we shall send you our kits which are special wipes that capture the hand or footprints onto sensitised paper – this method was developed for use in maternity hospitals in America and again, are totally safe! Hand and footprints will magically appear on the paper, which you can then send back to us to create your jewellery with. Alternatively, if you already have the hand or footprints created on paper with paint, then of course, send these through and we’ll see whether we are able to use these!

The link below shows our Ten Tiny Toes Jewellery range:


Lastly, we have our Footprint Life Sculptures – if you are ordering one of these “One Tiny Step” baby footprint sculptures we will send you a very simple impression kit (similar to our Classic FingerPrint Jewellery putty) and with this you can take the footprint and we’ll capture your little one’s footprint in either Solid Bronze or Silver (which ever you choose). We also donate 10% of all sales of our One Tiny Step product to Bliss – a wonderful charity for premature babies.

The link below shows our Bliss… One Tiny Step:


Our Christmas Gift Guide

So with how fast this year has gone, we’re sure that Christmas will be here in a flash! Every year we try our best to be as organised as we possibly can and buy all the presents’ months before – but really, when does that ever happen?! Unfortunately last year, quite a few of us in the studio left it extremely late and all had a mad panic when we left the studio on our last day to get all our presents sorted. Well not anymore – we’ve all made a pact we WILL be organised and get our gifts in plenty of time (or try our very best anyway).

Anyway, we thought we’d give you an idea of what we’re all loving in the studio for the perfect Christmas gift ideas this year – take a look below and let us know what you think!


‘All our chocolates are made with fine quality Belgian chocolate, hand-tempered at our premises in London.’

I mean, we had to start our Christmas Gift Guide with chocolate didn’t we?! Always a winner in my eyes and these personalised boxes, advent calendars, lollies and others, really would be the perfect present for you or your loved ones!

Website: http://www.cocoapod.co.uk/

Penny Lindop Designs

‘Irresistible handmade gifts, quirky cards and original designer prints.’

As soon as we saw Penny Lindop Designs we knew we had to look at our Christmas list and add to the basket!! We went straight to shop by theme and excitedly clicked on ‘All Things Christmassy’ – from the Christmas Robin Wrapping Paper to the Deer in Love card to the Fluffy red Robin Christmas gift bag, we just loved them all!

So, please, go check them out – I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Website: https://www.pennylindop.com/index.php?route=common/home

Hearth & Heritage

‘Here you will find unique gifts, unusual bath & body products and gourmet food and drink.’

Just looking at their website, there are so many ideas already!! The gift boxes are my absolute favourite and make the best present, without worrying if you have all the ingredients to make it yourself!

Website: https://hearthandheritage.co.uk/

Lottie & Lysh

‘Specialising in unique and playful prints, our range of baby and children’s clothing is available from newborn to 6 years.’

Do you know a little person who loves to stand out from the crowd? Look no further than this unique and trendy clothes website that create the cutest leggings, rompers, dresses & accessories!

Website: https://www.lottieandlysh.co.uk/

And of course, last but not least, we had to give ourselves a mention didn’t we!

Morgan & French 

‘We create beautiful, individual and meaningful pieces of personalised jewellery, crafted with love and care by our team of passionate designers and silversmiths from our Bedfordshire studio.’

Here at Morgan & French we create very personal gifts for the most important people in your lives – the people you love and care about. We create gifts to remember the good times, dates and occasions, and to mark memories and celebrate milestones together. We make designs crafted from fingerprints, children’s doodles, your handwriting, special words, dates and occasions and we’re sure that we have lots of gift ideas for the entire family! Please take a look at our Christmas Gift Ideas with the below link and let us know if we can help you with creating the perfect piece for you or a loved one this Christmas!

Morgan & French Christmas Gift Ideas: https://www.morganandfrench.com/100-christmas-gift-ideas

Our FingerPrint Collection

When we first started creating FingerPrint Jewellery, we started our ‘Classic’ range, which offered our customers a faithful 3D reproduction of a loved one’s fingerprint. We absolutely love this range as it really does recreate the fingerprint in such a beautiful way, however, it does require a FingerPrint Impression Kit and for some, we can understand, this isn’t the easiest option for them.

A couple of years ago we decided to investigate other ways in taking fingerprints. We explored a number of options; however the best was certainly the most simple… Our Inked Range launched without customers needing a kit at all – just an ink pad or pencil and a piece of plain white paper.

We can understand how overwhelming the process can be for some customers and in certain circumstances, they would prefer the ease of not having a kit and being able to do it in as less time as possible – this is why we believe the Inked range is definitely a very popular option for people to choose. Both ranges have a different effect with the Classic range being produced as a 3D print and the Inked range being created as a 2D print, however we believe both really are incredible pieces we know you will be so happy with either.

To explain, here’s a few popular pieces from our Inked Range:


And here’s a small selection from our Classic Range:


As said before, taking prints is very simple! If you are having any trouble figuring this out though, please take a look at the link below which will explain how to take prints, what you need to do and an example image of a finished piece of jewellery we have created previously.


And of course, as always, if you have any questions, we are always here to help, whether you would prefer to talk to us on the phone, via email or on our chat on here, please get in contact with us and we’ll talk through the process further with you.

Visit our studio!

When FingerPrint Jewellery was launched back in 2006, the founder and creative director, Lisa Morgan was creating each piece from her kitchen table. We’re now a six-strong team working from a wonderful design studio in a quirky Victorian Fire Station in Biggleswade. Some days, we really do have to pinch ourselves with how lucky we are to work in such a wonderful building with the best team we could ever imagine!

We’re so proud of our Morgan & French journey and how far we have come from when we were two; Twisted Typist and FingerPrint Jewellery and really believe this shows in our creations. The studio can get so hectic at times (especially for Father’s Day and Christmas) and we absolutely LOVE it – the energy and buzz is what we thrive off each day!

So now we’ve told you about our studio, why not take a look at the pictures below of our ‘home from home’ – just know that it may get a little messy at times, but we know where everything is!!!




We’re back!

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet recently, but we’re back – ready to update our blog every week with behind the scenes pictures, updates, product launches and lots more to keep you in our Morgan & French story!

We’re currently preparing for our busiest time of the year – Christmas!!! Yes, we really are so excited in the studio and have already launched a few new products to start our Christmas range. To tell you a secret, we actually still have last year’s Christmas tree out, so we’re definitely very ready to put the lights on and get that Christmas feeling!!

We’ve also been very organised this year and had our new lighting installed ready for when the nights draw in – I know, we’ve definitely planned ahead, but we’ve had to as we know we’ll be here much longer into the evening creating your wonderful orders in the run up to the 25th December!

To start our Christmas range, last month, we invested in a very expensive “tool”, which we are only now getting to grips with! We’ve had a very frustrating couple of weeks getting the jist of it; however we’ve persevered and created some absolutely beautiful designs including our Personalised Silver Pebble Necklace here:

This gorgeous, individually crafted solid silver pebble pendant can be personalised with your choice of words and is the perfect gift for a loved one, mum, friend, sister or even a special present to yourself! We’re so proud of this beautiful, deep engraved message pebble and can’t wait to launch our other designs that can be combined or stacked with it! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop and be back soon!

New Collections

Well spring is most definitely here and but we’re still alternating between open toes and boots, typically British Summer Time, and we love it!

We’ve had such a busy month with the launch of Morgan & French. We said goodbye to the individual websites of FingerPrint jewellery and Twisted Typist and hello to our new website, Yah!!  And then we had all the teething problems that always seem to present themselves when you finally decide to “flick the switch” and go live but we seem to have sorted out most of the little bugs and we can concentrate again on creating new our designs and collections!

So first up we have BAD MF!! We had a bit of a brain storm over the name for this collection of sweary, mean girl type jewellery and we went through lots of appropriate and some inappropriate names to eventually BAD MF, which we all just LOVE!!!

With Mean Girls inspired phrases and cheeky naughtiness it’s been a very popular range and you’ve really got into the spirit of the collection with some of the personalisation you’ve asked for. And  you haven’t made us blush yet, which is quite unlikely to be honest.

The little disks are cut to be big enough to have meaning but also small enough so that friends need lean in to read what it says. We’ll be adding more design ideas to the collection too but of course you can personalise any of our pieces with your own choice of words so why not treat them, or yourself to something a little less ordinary, and a little more risky!


A New Chapter Begins!

To celebrate our tenth year in business, we’ve brought together our two brands – Fingerprint Jewellery and Twisted Typist – under one new name and brand which embodies the spirit of what we do: creating beautiful, one of a kind pieces to mark life’s special moments.

We’re so proud to present Morgan & French!

Morgan & French marks the beginning of the next very exciting chapter for us. Our team have been squirrelled away working on this brand new website & creating some beautiful new designs which you’re going to love, all of which you can personalise with your messages, hand & footprints, fingerprints & of course, drawings. We’ve got so much to show you and we’ll be adding new collection for you to shop, including Swear By It, for the Mean Girls out there.

We are soft launching our new website early 2017, so if you’re here in January you’re the first to see it!!

We’d love to hear what you think of our new look!