Care of your Jewellery

Every piece of Morgan & French jewellery is personal to someone, but also special to us too. We take great pride & joy creating your beautiful gifts for you to enjoy and we want to make sure you are always happy with the pieces we create for you.

To keep your jewellery looking sparkling, please follow our care guide…

“Silver and other metals are prone to tarnish, this oxidizing process is a natural occurrence but some substances in our daily lives will speed the process up. Soap, hairspray, perfume, food, latex, perspiration and even the natural oils on our hands can tarnish metals more quickly. Some may even find their skin is more reactive with metals and find copper or silver tarnishes very quickly, sometimes within days. If this is the case you could apply a barrier, such as Renaissance Wax or a clear lacquer on the metal surface so that it isn’t in direct contact with the skin.

We recommend that you use a good quality jeweler’s silver cloth regularly as part of your jewellery cleaning routine for precious metals & we’ll include one of our “Magic Pads”with your jewellery which you will find useful for removing the cloudy film caused by perfumes etc on silver.

You should always remove jewellery before showering or swimming as metals can react with chemicals and chlorine. Never allow leather to get wet. Wet leather will stay damp inside and deteriorate from within, this will loosen the bond within the clasp and affect the strength and look of the leather. As with all jewellery, straps, links and clasps can be opened or broken if not treated with care. Please check your jewellery carefully when you receive it and contact us within 7 days if it is delivered faulty or damaged.”

Valentine’s Day!

Traditionally people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant while others may choose this day to propose or get married. Many people give greeting cards, chocolates, or flowers, particularly roses, on Valentine’s Day,

But a handful of very lucky loved ones will receive a gift handcrafted just for them from Morgan & French!

We have so many gift ideas that are absolutely perfect for Valentine Gifts, from rings with messages discreetly hidden to bangles and necklaces.

We’ve got just a few ideas below, but why not take a look at our whole collection here: Valentine’s Day collection

Heart Imprint Personalised Ring:

Personalised HALO Ring Necklace:

Personalised Deep Engraved Silver Cufflinks:

Chapter & Verse Story Bracelet:

Personalised Silver Cuff Bracelet:

Skinny Bangles:

Gifts for family

We try and make our website as easy as possible for you to browse our jewellery collections – we’ve created gifts ‘for family’, which we think is just perfect! Why not have a look below or click on the link above to take a look at the whole jewellery collection for families.

Black Gold and Silver Fearne Necklace:

Identic Ten Story Bracelet:

Inked Monogram Circle Fingerprint Cufflinks:

Personalised Hex Bar Keyring:

Personalised Mama Pendant:

Personalised Silver Calendar Keyring:

Little Picasso Charm on a Chain:

Ten Tiny Toes Circle Charm on a Chain:

And if there are too many choices and you can’t decide, why not choose our Morgan & French Gift Cards – perfect!


Our new collection!

This last month, we’ve been very busy creating some wonderful new products for you to see – they’ve all gone through several remakes to get to this point! We’ve changed the dimensions, the typeface quite a few times, but now they are all perfect and we’re ready to introduce our new Deep Engraved collection! Don’t forget to let us know what you think to them all!

Name Bar Necklace – now who doesn’t love a good hashtag – let us know your favourite one and have it deep engraved on your bar necklace!

Secret Message Elvish Ring – For all Lord of the Rings fans, we’ll take your message and translate it into Elvish.

Personalised Aura Family Ring – Family names, wedding vows or the lyrics to your first dance… These tiny letters will be deep engraved into the side of your ring.

On This Day Slender Ring – This stunning, handmade Sterling Silver slender ring can be worn beautifully on its own, or stacked with others!

On This Day Eternal Ring – A unique keepsake personalised with your wedding date,  your initials or names.

On This Day Wedding Ring – A truly special ring deep engraved with your choice of words.

Personalised Halo Ring Necklace – Linked to our Halo Ring, we’ve added our Halo Ring Necklace to the collection. An all time favourite!

Our FingerPrint Collection

When we first started creating FingerPrint Jewellery, we started our ‘Classic’ range, which offered our customers a faithful 3D reproduction of a loved one’s fingerprint. We absolutely love this range as it really does recreate the fingerprint in such a beautiful way, however, it does require a FingerPrint Impression Kit and for some, we can understand, this isn’t the easiest option for them.

A couple of years ago we decided to investigate other ways in taking fingerprints. We explored a number of options; however the best was certainly the most simple… Our Inked Range launched without customers needing a kit at all – just an ink pad or pencil and a piece of plain white paper.

We can understand how overwhelming the process can be for some customers and in certain circumstances, they would prefer the ease of not having a kit and being able to do it in as less time as possible – this is why we believe the Inked range is definitely a very popular option for people to choose. Both ranges have a different effect with the Classic range being produced as a 3D print and the Inked range being created as a 2D print, however we believe both really are incredible pieces we know you will be so happy with either.

To explain, here’s a few popular pieces from our Inked Range:


And here’s a small selection from our Classic Range:


As said before, taking prints is very simple! If you are having any trouble figuring this out though, please take a look at the link below which will explain how to take prints, what you need to do and an example image of a finished piece of jewellery we have created previously.

And of course, as always, if you have any questions, we are always here to help, whether you would prefer to talk to us on the phone, via email or on our chat on here, please get in contact with us and we’ll talk through the process further with you.

New Collections

Well spring is most definitely here and but we’re still alternating between open toes and boots, typically British Summer Time, and we love it!

We’ve had such a busy month with the launch of Morgan & French. We said goodbye to the individual websites of FingerPrint jewellery and Twisted Typist and hello to our new website, Yah!!  And then we had all the teething problems that always seem to present themselves when you finally decide to “flick the switch” and go live but we seem to have sorted out most of the little bugs and we can concentrate again on creating new our designs and collections!

So first up we have BAD MF!! We had a bit of a brain storm over the name for this collection of sweary, mean girl type jewellery and we went through lots of appropriate and some inappropriate names to eventually BAD MF, which we all just LOVE!!!

With Mean Girls inspired phrases and cheeky naughtiness it’s been a very popular range and you’ve really got into the spirit of the collection with some of the personalisation you’ve asked for. And  you haven’t made us blush yet, which is quite unlikely to be honest.

The little disks are cut to be big enough to have meaning but also small enough so that friends need lean in to read what it says. We’ll be adding more design ideas to the collection too but of course you can personalise any of our pieces with your own choice of words so why not treat them, or yourself to something a little less ordinary, and a little more risky!