Care of your Jewellery

Every piece of Morgan & French jewellery is personal to someone, but also special to us too. We take great pride & joy creating your beautiful gifts for you to enjoy and we want to make sure you are always happy with the pieces we create for you.

To keep your jewellery looking sparkling, please follow our care guide…

“Silver and other metals are prone to tarnish, this oxidizing process is a natural occurrence but some substances in our daily lives will speed the process up. Soap, hairspray, perfume, food, latex, perspiration and even the natural oils on our hands can tarnish metals more quickly. Some may even find their skin is more reactive with metals and find copper or silver tarnishes very quickly, sometimes within days. If this is the case you could apply a barrier, such as Renaissance Wax or a clear lacquer on the metal surface so that it isn’t in direct contact with the skin.

We recommend that you use a good quality jeweler’s silver cloth regularly as part of your jewellery cleaning routine for precious metals & we’ll include one of our “Magic Pads”with your jewellery which you will find useful for removing the cloudy film caused by perfumes etc on silver.

You should always remove jewellery before showering or swimming as metals can react with chemicals and chlorine. Never allow leather to get wet. Wet leather will stay damp inside and deteriorate from within, this will loosen the bond within the clasp and affect the strength and look of the leather. As with all jewellery, straps, links and clasps can be opened or broken if not treated with care. Please check your jewellery carefully when you receive it and contact us within 7 days if it is delivered faulty or damaged.”

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