Remembering a loved one

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear”

The death of a loved one is something that we are all likely to experience during our lifetimes, however it is an overwhelming experience and dealing with it can be a very daunting process. There are a number of ways that you can commemorate somebody such as dedicating a memorial vine at a stunning vineyard, placing a bench in a picturesque spot such as a place that they enjoyed, turning their favourite piece of clothing into a teddy bear or quilt or having some jewellery created using either their fingerprints or hand/footprints.

Here at Morgan & French, we create beautiful, individual and meaningful pieces of personalised jewellery, crafted with love and care by our team of passionate designers and silversmiths. We’re fiercely proud of our British heritage and we’re utterly dedicated to creating high quality jewellery for families and loved ones in the moments after losing someone special.

We want our jewellery to make you feel close to someone, even when you have to be apart:

Fingerprint Button Cufflinks:

Ten Tiny Toes Heart Charm on a Chain:

Inked Double FingerPrint Keyring:

Personalised Initial FingerPrint Ring:

Take a look at our Memorial Jewellery here:


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