New Collections

Well spring is most definitely here and but we’re still alternating between open toes and boots, typically British Summer Time, and we love it!

We’ve had such a busy month with the launch of Morgan & French. We said goodbye to the individual websites of FingerPrint jewellery and Twisted Typist and hello to our new website, Yah!!  And then we had all the teething problems that always seem to present themselves when you finally decide to “flick the switch” and go live but we seem to have sorted out most of the little bugs and we can concentrate again on creating new our designs and collections!

So first up we have BAD MF!! We had a bit of a brain storm over the name for this collection of sweary, mean girl type jewellery and we went through lots of appropriate and some inappropriate names to eventually BAD MF, which we all just LOVE!!!

With Mean Girls inspired phrases and cheeky naughtiness it’s been a very popular range and you’ve really got into the spirit of the collection with some of the personalisation you’ve asked for. And  you haven’t made us blush yet, which is quite unlikely to be honest.

The little disks are cut to be big enough to have meaning but also small enough so that friends need lean in to read what it says. We’ll be adding more design ideas to the collection too but of course you can personalise any of our pieces with your own choice of words so why not treat them, or yourself to something a little less ordinary, and a little more risky!