BAD MF - for Mean Girls 

We know that many of you love a little bit of cheeky fun, and so do we, and Sweary Jewellery is definitely a thing, it’s definitely our thing too!

And so we bring you BAD MF, for the cheeky, rude girls (and boys) amongst you!

So, if you fancy a beautiful Liberty Print ribbon bracelet teamed with explectives then you are just going to love our sweary Mean Girls inspired collection, the first of many new collections, it’s edgy, rude & a little bitchy, lots of fun but if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t look, if it is; come on in & enjoy!

We’ve taken inspiration from our own occasional colourful vocabulary to produce designs and slogans you will love, & we’re more than happy to personalise we your own favourite expletives!

But be warned, if you find 4 letter words "a bit much" this collection is NOT for you!

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