Story Bracelets 

Tell your own story with elegant leather Story Bracelets custom-made to take our full range of Story Beads. Chart your travels, mark key moments in your life, or get daily inspiration from your favourite quotes with Story Beads that slide onto premium quality leather Story Bracelets for men and women.

Our Medical Alert Beads are also practical, giving first responders vital information about health conditions or instant access to your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details.

The subtle leather bracelets act as carriers for the Story Beads, and as you decide what story to tell, every bracelet is unique. Wear them on their own, or stack them and add to them as your story unfolds.

These one-of-a-kind Story Bracelets are hand-made to order here in the UK, and the beads are crafted from polished Sterling silver by skilled artisans and hand stamped with your chosen message. The magnetic clasp is fuss-free and easy to use, yet totally secure. As well as adding extra Story Beads you can also add other details, such as  copper spinning rings that sit either side of the custom bead, to complete the look.

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