Our range of handprint & footprint cufflinks are the perfect gift for any Dad or Grandad.

Capturing every little crease and wrinkle, from hands and feet both young and old, our fantastic sterling silver handprint cufflinks and/or footprint cufflinks are a truly special, lasting keepsake.

Whether you opt for the cut-out shape of our "Little Hand / Footprint Cufflinkd" or the more regular shaped cufflinks, your own special item of sterling silver handprint jewellery will be a true one-of-a-kind.

If you don't already have hand or footprints taken, you can select the option for an Impression Kit to be sent to you. This kit includes a special inkless wipe and sensitised paper. This method of capturing hand and footprints was developed for use in maternity hospitals in the USA and is safe for babies and infants of all ages.

The hand or footprints will appear, like magic, on the paper - which you can then send back to us (or scan and email) - and, when we receive them in the Studio, our silversmiths will work their own magic to transform these paper prints into the most beautiful item of sterling silver hand or footprint jewellery.

We can work from prints you may already have, but obviously can only recreate the detail that is already in the prints - so any hand or footprints taken with heavy inks or paints will not work as well - we would strongly recommend retaking them using our Impression Kit, if possible.

If you'd like to read more information on taking prints for any of our jewellery, please click here, which will open our Taking Prints page in a new window.

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