Our range of unique Silver FingerPrint Cufflinks are simple and gorgeous enough to wear every day, but also make the most perfect, treasured memento.

Capturing a loved ones' unique fingerprints, our personalised FingerPrink Cufflinks can, and do, make grown men cry!

Our customers tell us, time and time again, of the impact these gorgeous bespoke cufflinks have when given as a gift - and there are so many different reasons!

  • Children - what better way for Daddy to carry his loved ones with him, when he goes to the office, than fingerprint cufflinks made using his child's (or childrens') own unique fingerprints!
  • Wedding Day - the most unique item a Groom could possibly wear on his wedding day - a beautiful set of bespoke fingerprint cufflinks, made using his bride's own unique fingerprint!
  • Memorial / Keepsake - silver fingerprint cufflinks are a unique and subtle way to keep a loved one near you, even when they are no longer with us. Capture their prints and wear them with pride.
  • Anniversary Gifts - stylish, custom fingerprint cufflinks are a unique and perfect way to celebrate your 25th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Father's Day - give Dad his most favourite and treasured pair of fingerprint cufflinks, using your own (or child's) prints

Whatever the occasion, a pair of our bespoke fingerprint cufflinks will certainly make his day!

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