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  • We love our collection of personalised necklaces because they are so unique and beautiful! We have necklaces that can be customised with your chosen special words and dates that are perfect to celebrate a special occasion or memory, such as our silver HALO ring necklace and our Rumours pendant necklace and our Washer necklaces. We also have fingerprint necklaces that thoughtfully hold the touch of a loved one, as well as hand and footprint necklaces and pendants that mums will absolutely fall in love with.

    Each necklace in our collection is handmade-to-order in our Bedfordshire workshop and personalised using a heavy hammer with stamp or by deep engraving. 

    Take a look at our collection of gorgeous necklaces and find one that is perfect for you!

  • Our collection of personalised bracelets and bangles are handmade-to-order in our Bedfordshire workshop. Each bracelet can be customised with your chosen special words and dates using a heavy hammer with stamp or by deep engraving - creating a unique silver bracelet perfect for you!

    Our signature Story Bracelets feature personalised silver beads that are stamped by hand with your loved one's name, a special date or a few chosen words and come in artisan braided leather or soft nappa leather colours. Our Men's Personalised Silver Washer Bracelet is a fantastic design that looks so cool when personalised with Latin words and roman numerals! 

    We also have a collection of deep engraved bracelets that you can fit longer messages on, which are perfect if you want to say a bit more. Our Chapter & Verse Story Bracelet can fit 200 letters on and is a perfect gift for a meaningful quote on or a personal message from you, which they can wear and look at every day and enjoy. 

    Take a look at our collection of bracelets and find one that is perfect for you!

  • At Morgan & French, we handcraft a wide range of made-to-order personalised silver cufflinks designed to be extra special for who is wearing them. 

    We have custom engraved cufflinks, cufflinks with initials or a monogram and cufflinks with dates and a location that are perfect for a wedding, a groom or best man. If you are looking for something a bit different, our collection also includes fingerprint cufflinks that make lovely anniversary gifts, handprint and footprint cufflinks as sentimental gifts for dads, and even cufflinks made using your own child's drawings.

    Whether you're looking for cufflinks for a special occasion or just an awesome pair to wear every day to the office, we are certain to make a design you love! 

  • Our personalised charms, pendants and Story Beads can be added to our bracelets, necklaces and keyrings by us in the Morgan & French workshop, or by you at home if you would like an additional charm or Story Bead for a bracelet you already own! Or even if you would just like a charm or pendant on its own, they make beautiful treasured keepsakes that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

    The charms and pendants for all of our jewellery can be bought separately and you can find them all here.

  • Our collection of personalised rings are handmade-to-order in our Bedfordshire workshop. Each ring can be custom engraved with your chosen special words and dates to create a unique silver ring perfect for you.

    Established in 2006, Morgan & French silversmiths have been handcrafting personalised silver jewellery and rings for over 15 years.

    Our collection of rings include gold and silver fingerprint rings that make perfect sentimental wedding rings, HALO rings personalised with up to 100 letters around the edge, AURA rings personalised on the outside, Milestone rings with little gold spinning rings - one for each personal milestone, and last but not least, our ashes rings with a small secret chamber for the ashes of a loved one. We have a meaningful ring for any occasion!

  • Our range of made-to-order personalised keyrings has custom key chains for everyone and every occasion! Our Personalised Bar Keyrings, available in Copper, Brass or Aluminium, make fantastic and unique, yet inexpensive gifts. We also offer a stunning range of fingerprint keyrings, as well as handprint keyrings and footprint keyrings, to capture the prints from a loved one for you to carry with you every day.

    Established in 2006, Morgan & French silversmiths have been handcrafting personalised jewellery, keyrings and gifts for over 15 years.

  • Because pets are as much of the family as the rest of us are! Our Pet Tag collection is an oh-so-stylish range of high-quality tags that are made to order for your four-legged friend. Customise and design your tag with names, a phone number, their nickname…. Each letter and number is struck by hand by one of our talented silversmiths to create a tag which is every bit as unique as they are.

    We can even add a dog bone shape, a star or heart if there is enough space left and it doesn't compromise your design. A completely original gift for anyone who is bonkers about their pet – or a brilliant birthday gift for the stylish fur baby themselves.

    Pssst…. Fancy adding an impression of your dog or cats’ kissable nose? Head over to Snozza, our site dedicated to personalised jewellery to celebrate the fluffy ones in your life!

  • You asked and we have listened! Morgan & French are proud to bring you our designs for golf ball markers for you take to the golf course! Made from sterling silver and copper, our personalised Silver Golf Marker with Leather Holder can be customised on the front and back with whatever you like and we will handstamp it all.

    We also have a Fingerprint Golf Marker with a fingerprint or thumbprint on the front, so that the touch of loved one, your husband, wife, mother or father, can stay with you on whichever putting green you may be visiting this each week!

  • Our collection of personalised bookmarks are the ultimate way to save your page! Each bookmark is made-to-order by hand and customised with your chosen special words, maybe even with a favourite line from a book.

    Our sterling silver bookmarks come with tassels that gracefully hang over the side of your book, giving a very classy look to your book when you're not reading it.

    We have handstamped book markers that are personalised using a heavy hammer with stamp and we also have engraved bookmarks that are sleek and modern.

    Shop our collection of bookmarks today and design your own perfect bookmark or a gift for the book addict in your life! 

  • Our personalised collar stiffeners are made-to-order from solid sterling silver and are deep engraved with your chosen message or dates. Your customised collar stiffeners will either come in a modern, charming font or if you have some actual handwriting from a loved one, perhaps a message from your children to daddy, we can put that onto the collar stiffeners too! Shop our collar stiffeners and design your own perfect pair for the man in your life!

  • Whether you want to look dapper in the office or are celebrating a wedding, our personalised tie slides give a personal and unique final touch to your outfit! 

    You can customise our sterling silver tie clips with either a short monogram of your initials or you could have a name, date or message on our Personalised Silver Tie Clip.

    Each tie slide is handmade to order in our Bedfordshire workshop, create your perfect tie slide from our designs below!