FingerPrint Jewellery 

Our famous FingerPrint Jewellery collection put us on the map! One of the first companies to create jewellery which can be personalised with a faithful reproduction of a loved one’s fingerprint, we’re extremely proud to be known as the market leaders in high quality fingerprint jewellery. Our FingerPrint Jewellery collection was designed to create highly sentimental pieces of jewellery that allow you to carry the fingerprint of a loved one with you wherever you go, even when you have to be apart.

Ordering is really easy. If you are ordering from our new "INKED" range you don't even need a kit, you can take the prints using an ink pad, or even a pencil!

If you already already have a piece of our Original FingerPrint Jewellery and want to order jewellery to match, we can of course do this! We have been making FingerPrint Jewellery since 2006 and so have many many customers who already items of jewellery from us & we will recreate jewellery to match any of our Original Designs.

If you are looking for our Original FingerPrint Jewellery, where you take prints using a PUTTY impression kit, please click here.

The FingerPrint Jewellery collection includes necklaces, bracelets our signature Story Beads and cufflinks. These unique pieces are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day or simply as a thoughtful gift to give when you have to be apart from someone that you love.

  • Truly a one-of-a-kind, keepsake gift - our range of fantastic, stylish, Sterling Silver FingerPrint Necklaces is certain to appeal to all; young and old alike!

    We are often asked this - but, YES! Each fingerprint necklace, thumbprint charm or fingerprint pendant is made using the prints you send to us. Whether taken using our own printing method, or perhaps from prints you already have, our skilled Silversmiths will faithfully recreate all of the detail; all of the whorls and loops within your chosen necklace.

    A timeless, sentimental gift - either for a loved one, or as a treat for yourself, our silver fingerprint necklaces will certainly become your most treasured item of jewellery. Whether worn as a celebration of someone special in your life, or a timeless reminder of someone no longer with us, our necklaces will enable you to wear that special person (or people) close to your heart.

    You can choose from a variety of different designs - from our customer favourite 'Heart' and 'Teardrop' shapes, to our unique 'Ingot' and 'Winged' Pendants, you'll be sure to find the perfect fingerprint necklace below!

  • If you are looking for a truly unique ring - perhaps a truly unique wedding ring, a bespoke personalised ring for your engagement, or just something subtle yet stylish to capture a lasting memory, or to celebrate a special bond or union - look no further than our engraved fingerprint rings.

    Morgan & French have been making FingerPrint Jewellery since 2006 - and our unique style is captured beautifully in our range of fingerprint rings.

    Available in both Solid Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold, in all UK sizes - whether you are looking to display the fingerprint on the outside face, visible to all - or on the inside face, 'in secret', and whether you want a broader or slender ring, we've got the right design just for you.

    Each fingerprint ring t is made using the print(s) you send to us. Whether taken using our own printing method, or perhaps from prints you already have, our skilled Silversmiths will faithfully recreate all of the detail; all of the whorls and loops within your chosen ring.

    Certain to become your favourite and most personal item of jewellery - check out our range below.

  • Our range of unique Silver FingerPrint Cufflinks are simple and gorgeous enough to wear every day, but also make the most perfect, treasured memento.

    Capturing a loved ones' unique fingerprints, our personalised FingerPrink Cufflinks can, and do, make grown men cry!

    Our customers tell us, time and time again, of the impact these gorgeous bespoke cufflinks have when given as a gift - and there are so many different reasons!

    • Children - what better way for Daddy to carry his loved ones with him, when he goes to the office, than fingerprint cufflinks made using his child's (or childrens') own unique fingerprints!
    • Wedding Day - the most unique item a Groom could possibly wear on his wedding day - a beautiful set of bespoke fingerprint cufflinks, made using his bride's own unique fingerprint!
    • Memorial / Keepsake - silver fingerprint cufflinks are a unique and subtle way to keep a loved one near you, even when they are no longer with us. Capture their prints and wear them with pride.
    • Anniversary Gifts - stylish, custom fingerprint cufflinks are a unique and perfect way to celebrate your 25th Wedding Anniversary!
    • Father's Day - give Dad his most favourite and treasured pair of fingerprint cufflinks, using your own (or child's) prints

    Whatever the occasion, a pair of our bespoke fingerprint cufflinks will certainly make his day!

  • Capturing every detail, every whorl and loop of a loved one's fingerprints, Morgan & French have been making these fantastic sterling silver fingerprint charms since 2006!

    We can work with any clear fingerprints you already have, or you can follow our clear and simple guide to taking fingerprints yourself. Simply click here for instructions.

    Our range of fingerprint charms will look perfect attached to a bracelet or necklace you already have - or you can purchase your fingerprint charm together with one of our own, British-made, Sterling Silver chains or bracelets.

    You can even opt for a Pandora Carrier, so that you can attach your fabulous personalised fingerprint charm onto your existing Pandora bracelet or necklace