Medical Alert Jewellery 

Medical alert jewellery doesn’t have to be boring! When a loved one needs to wear a Medical ID, Allergy Bracelet or Medic Alert Necklace, make sure it is one they would proudly wear!

Our trendy sterling silver medic alert jewellery is a clear and simple way to make first-responders, paramedics, nurses, doctors and others aware of important information, in an emergency.

Whether you need to communicate a medical condition, inform people of any medication you may be taking, or any allergies you suffer from - our range of stylish medical alert bracelets and necklaces will make sure your important information is known.

Medical ID jewellery can also help inform any non-medical bystanders, who may find you incapacitated, unconscious, or otherwise unable to communicate directly. For Alzheimer's suffers, for example, a medic alert bracelet noting their diagnosis can be vitally important if they wander and get lost.

For children with severe allergic reactions, an allergy bracelet would be extremely useful to teachers or other guardians who may not be aware. For diabetes sufferers, who perhaps go into diabetic shock, their medic ID necklace or bracelet can alert a bystander or first-responder to provide them with sugar.

Handcrafted from Sterling Silver / Leather, Morgan & French's stunning range of medical alert jewellery can convey all of the information you need, whilst still remaining gorgeous to look at and comfortable to wear!

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