Facebook Market Night 2018 

Here you will find all of our Facebook Market Night Offers for 11th October 2018!

  • Offer 1

    If you love our fabulous hand and footprint pendants, this offer is for you!

    Our Ten Tiny Toes Pendants are usually £85, but tonight they are £70 including the impression kit and free postage.

    You can have TWO prints and your child's name on the back for just £70!

    Or if you prefer the smaller charms (available in square, circle, heart or teardrop shapes) they are down from £69 to £54 tonight only!

    Simply click on the products below, add the personalisation, and place your order! You will receive one impression kit (one sheet/wipe) per item to take your imprints, or if you have your own ink prints we can use those.

  • Offer 2 BOGOF

    The Little Hand and Footprint Charms are one of our best sellers, and they are normally £49 each.

    Order tonight, and you will receive TWO charms for the price of ONE!

    They do not need to be identical so you can have two charms from two different children, or you can have two the same... totally up to you!

    Simply click on the products below, add the personalisation, and place your order! You will receive one impression kit (one sheet/wipe) per orderto take your imprints, or if you have your own ink prints we can use those.

  • Offer 3

    It's what we are famour for!

    Jewellery as unique and individual as they are!

    Our FingerPrint Charms are perfect to wear on a chain or on a charm bracelet, or if you would like to have a larger fingerprint then our Pendants are perfect for you!

    Order tonight and save save save, as tomorrow they will be back up to full price!

    Pendants are usually £85 - tonight they are £70

    Charms are usually £69 - tonight they are £54

  • Offer 4

    Here's something fabulous for those who need to dress smartly once in a while.

    These are already exceedingly good value, but we're feeling giddy and we're reducing them for you lovely lot.

  • Offer 5

    Gorgeous personalised, handcrafted Sterling Silver PeaPods with your little peas all snuggled up safely inside!

    A perfect gift for a mum-to-be and Mothers everywhere - and each sterling silver pea can be personalised with a single letter.

    Available tonight for a special price!

  • Offer 6

    From a fabulous drawing pinned to the fridge door...

    ...to magnificent cufflinks, or a gorgeous charm on a bracelet, or a silver keyring, or, quite simply, the most perfect necklace any mum could possibly own!

    For tonight only:

    Charms now £54 (were £69)

    Cufflinks now £80 (were £125)

    Keyring now £76 (were £91)

  • Offer 7

    An absolutely stunning ring, we are sure you will agree!

    Uusally £150, tonight only £120 - saving £30!

    Also, save £30 on the similar 'Slender' and 'Wedding' rings!

  • Offer 8

    This is for anyone who owns keys. Or a dog.

    Or both! Ok, so that's just everyone, isn't it?

    Maybe its the key to the shed, the summer house, the back door, or just a perfect gift for those "who don't wear jewellery"

    Available in Brass (looks like GOLD), Scrumptious Copper, or Aluminium for those those who want to keep things light.

    We also make these as rather groovy pet ID Tags.

    Hand stamped personalisation on all 4 sides.

    Tonight-only, save £4 - from £14.95 fully personalised!

  • Offer 9

    We absolutely love our pets here in the studio and we know you all do too.

    And we make a some pretty awesome pet tags, for some very awesome pets.

    This offer is for our brand new and mighty colourful Pet ID Ring!

    Usually £11.95 we are reducing this to £9.95 just for tonight!

    For a little extra we we can engrave both the inside and outside of this
    anodised aluminium ring so you can get all the important information on,
    and more besides.

  • Offer 10

    The Rumours Pendant is perfect for those messages that you don't want everyone to read!

    Your message is hand-stamped onto a continuous wrap of silver, so that it appears and disappears as you turn it in your fingers.

    Usually £95, but tonight only it is just £65!

  • Offer 11

    When 10 letters is just not enough - with this bracelet, you can personalise with up to 200!

    The Chapter & Verse Story Bracelet is our best seller on "Not On The High Street".

    Usually £89 - tonight, just £65!

  • Offer 12

    A very beautiful handcrafted, organic silver ring with gently hammered gold, oxidised black, or silver rings to represent a personal milestone.

    Perhaps for a loved one celebrating a Big-Oh birtday, or running 5k, losing 10lbs or simply to buy for yourself - who needs a reason!

  • Offer 13

    There are 2 different FingerPrint Rings - you can choose below, from the regular 5mm or slender 3mm

    Save £20 on each style...

  • Offer 14

    A handcrafted, personalised ring that sits beautifully on a chain to compliment our gorgeous HALO ring.

    The handcrafted ring can be personalised with your own special words, names, places or dates with up to 65 letters (including spaces) around the narrow front facing edge of the ring, the letters are less than 1mm high and simply perfect.

    This necklace is perfect for every outfit, dressed up, dressed down it is stunning in it’s simplicity. I wear mine without the extra jump ring so just let us know if you don’t want the extra ring (There’s photo of me wearing mine in the images)..

  • Offer 15

    The one and only HALO ring!

    You will struggle to find anything like this on the High Street (we know, we’ve looked).

    We are are immensely proud of our HALO ring, and we are delighted that it is now celebrating it's first birthday!

  • Offer 16

    All of our £125 cufflinks are down to just £80 for tonight only!

    You can choose from FingerPrint, Inked FingerPrint, Ten Tiny Toes, Little Picasso or even our Personalised CUfflinks with a Twist!